Moor Pool Wildlife

We’re a small group committed to preserving and enhancing Moor Pool’s green areas, flora and fauna. We’re currently working with the Wildlife Trust for promotion of wildlife gardening, species surveillance, development of the Forest School, and a range of educational and practical activities.

We meet monthly over lemonade and cake in the Lower Hall and welcome new members! Please contact Cath Perry for further information.

Read the Moor Pool Wildlife Constitution.

  • Bats in Houses Natural England Guidance
  • RSPCA pages on badgers and you can also download the 'Living With Badgers' leaflet.

  • EcoRecord collects, collates and makes available information about the wildlife, wildlife sites and habitats of Birmingham and the Black Country and currently has over 500,000 species records on its database. These records come from many sources, ranging from professional ecologists to amateur expert naturalists to other wildlife enthusiasts. EcoRecord provides an information service to a wide range of users such as local authorities, statutory agencies, ecological consultants, national and local recording schemes and others with a an interest in the wildlife of Birmingham and the Black Country. Such information is a consideration in planning applications. A significant proportion of these species records come from YOU! Without the contribution of volunteer recorders there would not be the knowledge of the Biodiversity of Birmingham and the Black Country and the understanding of its natural environment. It is important you submit your observations as these all add up to give a clearer picture. You may be used to seeing various birds and species in your garden or around Moor Pool but unless you report it EcoRecord may not be aware of it. Wildlife Trust for Birmingham and the Black Country

    If you are interested in encouraging butterflies in your garden or allotment, read this article by Cathy Perry Bring On The Butterflies . The links in the article are reproduced below:

  • which includes gardening tips and plant lists for butterflies and caterpillars
  • which takes you to the Royal Horticultural Society's Perfect for Pollinators plant lists.

    Clips from BBC Springwatch:

  • A Garden for Butterflies
  • Crowding out Competition (in which Chris Packham looks most uncomfortable!)

    Pool Residents, 2015

    Wildlife Allotment, June 2015

    Site B, June 2015

    Badger Watch, June 2015

    Mushrooms, May 2014

    Moorpool Wildlife Allotment